Star Process Controls

Quality. Performance. Value.

We design and manufacture a complete line of standard and custom control panels from small scale to large scale. We will custom design a control system to provide reliable and effective automation of any type of process or machinery.

Every control panel we build is completely tested prior to shipment using a 100 point checklist to assure timely installation and commissioning, saving you time and money. Every single wire and function is tested down to the component level. Analog IO is fully checked and scaled at zero point, mid-scale, and full range. All device level communication and programming is completed and verified correct. Once testing is complete, a factory acceptance test is done, an “as built” wiring diagram is completed, and complete documentation of programming and testing is recorded.

Our control panels are designed and built with quality in mind.

P1010475LR We use ferrule crimp connectors on every wire end to prevent accidental wire fraying and phantom shorting

All wires are labelled on both ends of the wire

Plenty of open space is left in the enclosures to allow for proper wire runs and ease of maintenance

Conservative motor wire sizing to provide for future amperage increases

All wires run in ducting whenever possible, ducting provided for field wiring whenever possible

We use cage clamp type terminal blocks to prevent loose wires due to vibration or heat

We pay attention to detail and build quality, all of our control panels will look tidy and clean

Complete industrial automation and control products and services:

Control panel fabrication
• Testing
• Engineering
• Assembly
• Wiring
PLC programming
• Allen Bradley RSLogix5000/Studio5000
• Allen Bradley RSLogix500
• Automation Direct Pro Suite
• Automation Direct DirectSoft
• Omron CX Programmer
• Mitsubishi iQ/GX Work



HMI / SCADA operator interface design and programming

Typical control applications include:

Advanced burner management with PLC based fault annunciation
Precision burner air/fuel ratio control to provide ultra low emissions and peak efficiency

      Parallel positioning type
      Mass flow type
SCR power control for electric heating elements
Dryer control and automation
Furnace control and automation
Industrial paint finishing system control and automation
PID temperature control

      Advanced high efficiency dryer product temperature control using four PID loops and feed forward biasing
      Single loop PID control
      Multiple loop cascaded PID temperature control
      Pulse fired PID temperature control
      PID pressure control using damper or VFD
Conveyor control
Door operators
Motor control PLC programming

      Full voltage, non-reversing
      Full voltage, reversing
      Reduced voltage start
      Soft start
      Variable frequency drives
pH and conductivity control

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