Star Packaged Burners

Quality. Performance. Value.

Our name says it all. We are the world’s premier process burner experts.

We manufacture process burner systems to meet the most stringent world-wide standards for clean emissions, safety, and efficiency.

We design and manufacture burner systems that include everything you will need for safe and efficient operation including: burner, combustion air fan, air/fuel ratio control, fuel train, and burner management. Once installed, we will commission your system in the field to assure efficiency and proper control.

We supply any type of industrial process burner for all fuel types including natural gas, propane gas, light or heavy fuel oil, low btu waste fuels, paraffin, kerosense/JP-4, and many other types of fuels.

We are a recognized leader in providing low and ultra low emissions retrofit packages for existing installations!

We provide engineered and packaged burner systems for virtually any process heating application including:

Fluidized bed dryers
Rotary dryers
Spray dryers
Belt dryers
Conveyor ovens
Batch ovens
Spray washers
Dip washers
Regenerative thermal oxidizers
Recuperative thermal oxidizers
Catalytic thermal oxidizers
Thermal fluid heaters
Gas heaters
Mesh belt furnaces
Roller hearth furnaces
Pusher furnaces
Car bottom furnaces
Forge furnaces
Heat treat furnaces
Muffle furnaces
Integral batch/quench furnaces
Aluminum melting furnaces
Rotary kilns
Glass annealing furnaces
Enameling furnaces


Protection of your personnel and equipment is our number one priority! Our burner systems are designed to meet or exceed all recognized safety standards including NFPA 86, Factory Mutual, GAP, CSA, AGA, Australian Gas Association, and CE.

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