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We provide burner and control system commissioning, burner emissions testing and adjustments, NFPA mandated system testing, burner and control system adjustment/repair/rebuild, as well as field consulting services.

Burner and Control System Commissioning

We offer field commissioning service on new and refurbished process burner and control systems. We will start and adjust the burner for proper high fire capacity, as well as for a stable minimum to achieve maximum turndown. The burner is adjusted for proper air/fuel ratio throughout the entire range of firing rates, tuned for proper emissions if required, then tested with full production to assure proper performance. All new and refurbished burner systems are put through rigorous safety testing to assure all NFPA mandated safety functions operate properly to shut the burner system down as necessary.

Burner and Control System Adjustment, Repair, and Rebuild

Star Combustion will get your existing burner and control systems back into tune for peak efficiency and performance. We can also refurbish and repair any burner system including refractory work and partial or complete replacement.

Emissions Testing

Our technicians will adjust and test your burner system for the lowest emissions possible so you are assured to meet or exceed your permit levels. We have the capability to test and adjust NOx and CO levels.

Mandated Safety Testing

Most authorities having jurisdiction require testing of all safety related items yearly. Star Combustion provides this service with a 50 point checklist, including valve leak testing, instrument tuning and calibration, and record keeping to meet all insurance requirements worldwide.

Instrument Calibration

Star Combustions field service technicians will come in and calibrate your instruments, then provide you with NIST traceable documentation. We are experienced in calibrating all types of instrumentation including PID controllers, limit controllers, and chart recorders.

Consulting Service

Our Engineers are available for advice and consulting on the design and repair of your process burner system. We have experience in just about every applications as it pertains to burner noise/vibrations, emissions, efficiency, and firing capacities.

Maxon Smartfire and Smartlink Service

We are factory authorized to commission and adjust all Maxon Smart productions including Smartfire, Smartfire MRV, Smartlink MRV, and Smartlink. If you have a telco gateway installed, we can dial into your system from our offices to help diagnose and adjust the system remotely.

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